Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Busy Fun Filled Day

Yesterday was one of those busy days where everything is  back to back and you don't sit down for hours. My preschooler had his very first field trip I took him ther , quickly went home to do dishes and clean up picked him up two hours later. He loved it. They visited caves and saw a snake. Went home to make brownies for the first girl scout meeting of the year.Parents need to attend. The brownies did not turn out Agh i put in one egg not two. Make another batch.My higher schooler who takes the city  bus home was  a hour late we  went out looking for him. We live 2 miles form school. Found him a mile from home. He had to finish a project. We dropped him off at home, then went to the girl scout meeting at the park. We ate hot dogs and hamburgers yay I didn't have to cook. They had some delicious pasta which,  I ate too much of. Two hours later the meeting is over, on the way home had to stop at the store for cereal and milk. We get home at  7:30 pm, now  i can sit down. That was my day fun but filled. I didn't have time to get any exercise in, so i will try to make up for that today.Now I am going to enter some blog giveaways and try to win some Christmas presents for the kids. cross fingers. Tomorrow continue desperately  looking for a job.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi There

 I have started reading blogs lately and entering blog giveaways. SO I thought I would tell about myself in case you were wondering who was reading your blog. lol
Hi My Name is Jessi. I am a mom of three. A Teen, Tween and a Toddler so I have my hands full.I love them . They make my life happy and never boring.  I have a  hubby of 16 years. A cat that is wonderful litter trained and can take care of herself. YAY!We have a big dog that gets in the trash and throws up and poops everywhere and gets the toddlers food off the table sigh. (today is not a good dog day) most of the time she is a good dog. In my free time when I am not cleaning the house , cooking or caring for someone i love to jog. I love it. It re-energizes me ,calms me , brings me to my happy place so i can look at bills and clean up after dog. In Jan I started a lifestyle changes to lose weight I have lost 40 pounds. I still have some to go but I am very happy with what I lost. That is a little bit about me.