Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It has been so cold and windy here I have not gotten to run for two days. I was feeling bad about that and restless, so i went to our on demand movies to do a exercise video. I saw a Jillian Micheals workout video and did that. It was 20 minutes it was intense but really fun. I was not tired so i was looking for another short workout. I then did bootylouis ( that is one word i do not know how to spell) it was only 10 minutes. That was fun i thought i could squeeze in one more. I chose long lean legs, it was only 10 minutes. I felt better and thought , I could do this daily in the winter.
The next morning getting out of bed . OMG i was so sore , going down the stairs ouch ouch . The whole day I was so sore everywhere! Every time I sat down. My legs hurt. I thought since i run /walk 3 miles a day I could do this.  I kept thinking, what was I thinking three workouts back to back. So today I am not as sore anymore. I am going to do one work out video or at least have some time between them.
After my csn giveaway I realized I did not have any pictures on my blog, my blog was naked! So here is me and my little man yesterday

winner of CSN Store gift Code

The winner of the CSN Stores gift code is Donktard
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway

I love CSN Stores and won a Gift code to their recently. I spent hours looking at all their stores. CSN Stores sells everything from barstools to beds to shoes and toys. CSN stores is letting  me give one of my readers a $35 One time use Gift code. You are going to have so much fun browsing through their over 200 stores. 
This is my favorite Bar stool. This would look prefect in my house.
I mentioned I won a gift Code from csn stores this is what I got Hubby for Christmas this year. Shhh don't tell.I got him a Dead-On Bristle Dart Board.On sale for $29.99 with free shipping. A lot of things from CSN Stores have free shipping. 
Talking about Christmas CSN Store also has Melissa and Doug Farm Animal Train Set 
for only  $18.99

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Just jogging along

When I started my life style change in Jan. I started by walking 1 mile.Everyday no mater how cold or snowy I walked a mile for a month I was so proud of my self. The next month I stared walking two miles. In the spring I walked to the park and back that was 3 mile everyday. In May I started walk/jogging the three miles. When I would go out my 15year old would watch my 4 year old.When school started I had to change things around I now do three one mile jogs every other day and mon. wed. and fri when i walk/stroller my son to preschool it is 5.2 miles for me.  Today I ran one mile with out stopping. I could not believe i could do that.  I cant wait to try it again tomorrow.

I have been reading a lot of running blogs. they are so interesting and i have learned a lot. I am just impressed wit how far some of these women run daily. I have decided i am going to enter my first 5k in the spring or summer.