Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pictures

Friday our downtown business were having trick or treat. So I got my sons spider-man costume out we bought last year after Halloween at 90% off. He said remember mom you said I could be Mario remember mom remeber. He is only 4. I remember we were at the store a week ago and he asked for super Mario costume. and i said we will see. He wanted it so bad. So 30 minutes till they start handing out candy. We go to Kmart. They have all costumes 50% whoohoo I am dancing on the inside. We go look . They are all out of Mario. I pick up a pizza costume. Nope he does not want that. So off to wal-mart. All costumes are full price. They have a Super Mario for $20. We get it, my son is so happy.
This is my daughter last trick or treat she is 12 . we took them both Friday and on trick or treat night Sunday. We had so much fun and got so much candy. This is are family's costume pic.  floatingonabiscuit Halloween pictures
My Super Mario age 4
I dressed up too
                                                   My Daughter age 12 pretty pirate and Mario

 Then my 15 year old. I forgot what he was. lol


  1. Those are great costumes. You have to admit, $20 for that adorable Super Mario and happy kid is a bargain!

  2. Great costumes and thanks for visiting my site.

  3. So adorable! I love tosee what kids dress up as:)

  4. Kids are trick or treating well into their teens here. I didn't let my daughter one year because I thought she was too old, but all her friends went. I felt horrible.

  5. I use to play super mario brothers for like hours and hours and hours and (well you get the picture). Cute costumes.